onitsuka tiger by asics shoes online store

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

onitsuka tiger by asics shoes online store

Running is one of the common methods of fitness,onitsuka tiger by asics shoes not only can exercise cardiopulmonary function, but also can enhance muscle strength, sustained and effective jogging can also play a role in energy consumption, reduce the role of fat. However, if running posture is not correct, not only to reach the ideal effect, and may cause damage to the health of.

Running is a monotonous aerobic exercise, step by step, persevere, the fitness effect will be obvious. To master the process in motion from slow to fast to slow onitsuka tiger by asics shoes, to gradually increase the arms and legs swing span.

The correct running posture: with the heel first, should not use the front feet first; to cooperate deep breathing, respiratory rhythm can be "three a call", "two a call" or "breathing"; a natural chest abdomen, correct postural sway arms around,onitsuka tiger by asics shoes making the body more stretch, increased lung ventilation in order to facilitate, not the arms swing.

If jogging posture is not right, not only affect the running effect, but also on the body damage --

Feet first, make running more easily tired, will increase the burden of the ankle; lateral swing arm, both neither is beautiful, and the influence of thoracic expansion onitsuka tiger by asics shoes, also slow down force forward motion, to improve the speed disadvantage.

Running as a kind of aerobic exercise, exercise premise -- is not injured

The runners usually do some strength training onitsuka tiger by asics shoes, the squat, jumping order, contributes to an increase in lower limb muscle strength, avoid running in the lower extremity muscle; running in the park, area, observe the site, to avoid accidents.

You should do some warm-up exercises before running, such as chest movement, active joints of extremities, running will not change, to maintain uniform onitsuka tiger by asics shoes. Not run tired, not tired rest, should hang on for a few minutes, the limit was soon past, can improve the running time.

After the end of the run, do not immediately sit down onitsuka tiger by asics shoes, have to jog for a few minutes, contribute to the resting state from the motion state of the transition to the.

The runners should wear light sports shoes and clothes, summer wear sun hats, appropriate to add electrolyte beverage.

Sorching summer running should pay attention to physical reaction to add water should run

Environmental temperature and humidity are the most detrimental to the sport onitsuka tiger by asics shoes, this condition is difficult to heat. In summer, the temperature and humidity are higher, to do security work.

We can't control the temperature onitsuka tiger by asics shoes online store, but we can control our body, perhaps these tips will help you lovers --

1 time to avoid in the summer, when low temperature sooner or later.

To adjust their training according to the weather condition onitsuka tiger by asics shoes. Weather is hotter and more humid, will reduce the running rhythm, rhythm of the heart rate to adjust.

2 supplement water every day to increase water intake onitsuka tiger by asics shoes. In the drinking water increased electrolyte or directly drink sports drinks, avoid because of sweating and lead to dehydration. Pay attention to set up water to supplement the water running route onitsuka tiger by asics shoes online store. That is to say, running through some canteen, can buy a bottle of drink, relax.

3 black dress and dark clothing absorbs a large amount of heat onitsuka tiger by asics shoes, so the best choice to wear light colored clothes onitsuka tiger by asics shoes online store. Now all the major brands have running clothing, capable of fast perspiration, keep skin refreshing. Don't choose cotton clothes, sweat will make you worse. If running by night, the best choice of sportswear fluorescent strip, so the vehicle can find you.

The 4 route to maintain considerable flexibility in route setting, the length of the distance must be reasonable. Pay attention to the body's reaction onitsuka tiger by asics shoes online store, if dizziness onitsuka tiger by asics shoes, nausea or tired, they should immediately stop motion and to ask for help.

The 5 partners if the conditions as much as possible with a running partner onitsuka tiger by asics shoes, if there is no partner, let family and friends know you running route onitsuka tiger by asics shoes online store, or return time.

Runners can be tested under these circumstances,onitsuka tiger by asics shoes online store to have a look own body reaction. It is the most important exercise in suitable physical conditions.

In the summer, sweating is a normal phenomenon onitsuka tiger by asics shoes. Sweating is a way of body heat, so runners during exercise to sweating is very important. If the cooling function of the body, is likely to face the risk of heatstroke.